NaeClear. A Better Lifestyle

    We wash our bodies, hands and brush our teeth daily. This is hygiene.
    So why don't we cleanse our colon daily, where most of the bacteria reside?
    Cleanse your colon and clear your body and mind. Live a better lifestyle.

    NaeClear is Life Changing

    Don't just take our word for it. See what our users have to say.

    NaeClear has reduced my cravings for alcohol and sweets, helped clear my facial skin and wrinkles and assisted me in losing 15 pounds without really trying. I feel healthier, more energetic and alive than I have in years. NaeClear has significantly changed my life.

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    Frank S.
    Age 41, NaeClear 1.0S

    I sleep deeper and wake with much more energy. I feel like I have a new life and now look forward to my nightly NaeClear - even using the portable version for travel! NaeClear makes me feel cleaner and more vibrant.

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    Michelle S.
    Age 38, NaeClear 1.0S

    I have noticed a significant decrease in cravings and increase in my energy. I no longer feel the need to drink coffee in the morning and have more sustained energy throughout the day. I used to have issues with bloating and gas but these have gone away and my stomach always looks flat now.

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    Carly J.
    Age 30, NaeClear 1.0

    Using NaeClear has changed my life. It has made me feel more refreshed in the morning. NaeClear has made me feel fresh, energized, renewed and healthy. It's a great feeling that you can only understand once you've been using it regularly. I would definitely recommend it.

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    Genie L.
    Age 39, UnderClear 1.0

    A thousand thank you's are not enough to express my gratitude for how NaeClear has changed my life. Within one week of doing NCL I lost 6 lbs. After two months of daily colon cleaning I feel more alert, need less sleep and I no longer suffer from bloating or heartburn.

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    Shane M.
    Age 37, NaeClear 1.0

    NaeClear has been a blessing physically and mentally, and has provided me with a healthier quality of life. Some noticeable changes I've experienced are a more effective digestive system, alertness and ability to focus.

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    Steven S.
    Age 54, NaeClear 1.0

    It helps me sleep deeply at night and gives me energy throughout the day, keeping me light on my feet. I don't know how I would've managed to make it through college without NaeClear.

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    Hannah P.
    Age 22, NaeClear 1.0

    Mental clarity, an overall healthy feeling in my body, with less aches and irritations, started improving when I began using NaeClear. I am a believer in NaeClear and would highly recommend this to anyone.

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    Matthew S.
    Age 43, NaeClear 1.0

      Awards for NaeClear

      Recognized as a revolutionary personal health device.

      Nuremberg, Germany
      Gold Medal
      58th International Exhibition

      Geneva, Switzerland
      Gold Medal
      35th International Exhibition of Inventions

      Seoul, Korea
      Gold Medal
      Seoul International Invention Fair