Frequently Asked Questions

NaeClear's goal is to help you live a better lifestyle. Sometimes that means being informed about how your body works. See some of the common questions people ask below. We hope it answers some of the questions you might have yourself. 

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Why NaeClear?

NaeClear arose from the concept of Hemato-Centric Health, which revolves around the blood as being the center of life. NaeClear is one aspect of making the blood be healthy by promoting the active movement of the colon and therefore blood flow and also getting rid of the colonic gas and feces that pollute the blood, so that the blood can do its function better; blood helps make new cells by delivering nutrients and oxygen to the rest of the body and taking away the metabolic waste products from the cells of the body. So by having healthy blood, your body can be healthy.

NaeClear is not the first to advocate this but we are one of the few to actually tie the many important elements together and consider the holistic health of the body, which is the blood. Without blood, there is no life. Keeping our blood healthy and clean by watching what we put into it- what we breathe, drink and eat, how we make the blood move around to all parts of the body through moving, exercise (circulation), and excreting waste products through breathing, sweating, urinating and bowel movements, is the fundamental basis.
Your colon is always full of gas due to the bacteria that thrive on the undigested food materials in your colon. This can be seen on any abdominal x-ray. That is, you can see your colon by the gas that is in your colon. This gas can cause distention of the colon and lead to feeling bloated and gassy. If you also have constipation, you may feel fatigue and a lack of energy and even suffer from headaches. By clearing your colon of these waste materials, feces and colonic gasses, you'll feel less bloated, say bye to constipation and feel more refreshed. Why keep this waste in you any longer than you have to?

How Do I Use NaeClear?

Colon cleansing is not a once a year event. It is something you should do daily, even multiple times a day.

Many people cleanse their colon once a year to detox. While that is better than not doing anything at all, it is like taking a shower and cleaning the outside of your body once a year. The reason you feel refreshed when you take a shower or brush your teeth is because you are actually cleansing your blood. Your blood supplies all of the nutrients to all of the cells of your body and of course, also your brain. By keeping your blood clean and clear, you will feel clean and clear.

We eat three times a day because our cells are continually dying and regenerating. Every second, it is estimated that 50 millions cells regenerate. This requires nutrients in the blood and proper blood flow to assist in cell regeneration. However, with eating and digestion also comes the food which we cannot digest, which must be eliminated. While it is in the process of being eliminated, the many bacteria in our colon, estimated to be 1 quadrillion (that is 1 with 15 zeros or 1,000 billion), eat this undigested food and multiply and in the process, product colonic gasses. It is estimated that 5-10 litres of gas is produced by these bacteria. However, only half a litre to 1 litre exit our system by flatus or better known as farts. Where does the rest of the colonic gasses go? It goes into our bloodstream, to our liver and then to the rest of our body to be excreted through our lungs, that is our breath, and from our skin.

Because we eat three times a day, we should clear our colon as often as we eat. The same principle for which we brush our teeth. To get rid of food remnants so that the bacteria cannot grow from it and reduce the number of bacteria in our mouths. This is hygiene. And Naeclear is a revolution in hygiene by helping us clean and clear the inside of our colon. We've revolutionized health through clean water and cleaning our mouth, our teeth and our bodies but we haven't yet moved to cleaning the inside of our bodies, where over 90% of the bacteria live, that is, our colon.
For UnderClear, the container holds about 500 ml. The Pump can hold up to 250 ml. So naturally, 250 ml of water twice will empty the rectum and part of the sigmoid colon. NaeClear holds up to 5 Liters but we recommend 250 mL the first time, followed by 500 mL twice. If any discomfort is experienced while putting in the water into the colon, stop and release the water in the toilet. 500 ml reaches up to the descending colon (left upper ribs). We do not recommend any more than 500 ml within the first six months. 750 ml is to the transverse colon (middle of the abdomen) and about 1L would clean the entire colon (a lesser amount in most females). You may notice with time that your colon will be more active as well as more sensitive. Doing it morning and evening is ideal, but regular cleansing is preferable to irregular larger volume cleansing. This should be a lifestyle habit like you brush your teeth twice a day or wash your hands many times a day.
When you drink water, it passes through the stomach, where the stomach acid, which kill a lot of harmful bacteria and the liver detoxifies the water and chemicals that come along with the food.

However, the water which enters the colon passes to the liver, but in the rectum, it is absorbed directly into the blood stream to the heart, just as medicine delivered by a suppository acts very quickly for this reason.

While the skin has five layers of cells and forms a very good barrier, the colon only has one layer and therefore absorbs materials and gases in the rectum very easily. Thus the water put into the colon should actually be better than the water you drink from your mouth. So purified or spring water is best. If it is totally reverse osmosis with no minerals, the NaeClear Machine may not be able to heat the water.
Do not strain or put pressure on the rectum to get the water out but instead focus on the abdomen by doing "belly waves top to bottom in the abdomen. There are three major abdominal muscle groups. Move them from top to bottom. It takes a lot of practice to do this well.

Also, try rotating your hips and turning your body from side to side. Also try massaging your abdomen softly from right to left to help further stimulate your colon.
We recommend using KY gel or other gel lubricant to assist easy insertion of the nozzle. Please insert the nozzle slowly and carefully. If you have pre-existing hemorrhoids, refrain from using the devices until your hemorrhoids are inactive.

Bowel movements are mostly a passive phenomenon in that the colon moves involuntarily, meaning you don't need to think about it. These involuntary movements can be assisted by movements, particularly rolling, abdominal massage and exercises, which really assist blood flow to the area. Injecting warm water into the rectum is a form of stimulating the colon to move by distending it, and it is this movement that leads to the expulsion of materials in the rectum. The stool and gases in the rest of the colon can then move down.

Is This Normal?

An estimated 60% of North Americans are constipated due to the western diet and sitting lifestyle. Discussing the subject matter of excretion may be very personal. Most people do not care to discuss it openly as a result. But it is such an important function of our body.

Excretion is more important than ingestion, digestion or circulation. Imagine if all of the drains of your house no longer functioned or were backed up. Your toilet only flushed once a day, your sink only drained once every few days and your garbage was only collected every month. You'll quickly realize that getting rid of the waste is more important than all of the good air, food, and water coming into the house. Once the waste is efficiently removed, then the good inputs can be enjoyed and circulated.

Can you take care of your teeth without any dental floss, toothpaste and a toothbrush? These are not natural and yet we use these many times each day. We use these instruments to clean our teeth, our mouth. We also use shampoo, soap and water to clean our body.

So why not cleanse our colon with water?

We need NaeClear to cleanse our colon because our lifestyle has made us unnatural. Our bodies are made to be mobile, to eat healthy, natural, organic foods, to breathe in clean air and drink clean water. However, sitting all day, being tied to a schedule, eating quickly have all led to a colon that is not able to excrete its colonic gasses and waste material in an efficient manner.

Babies and animals go whenever they need to. As many times as they eat, they go. Three meals. Three bowel movements. Is your colon normally that active? Our colon is full of gasses and waste. We carry these around with us, like excess baggage. We live with it, we sleep with it. Why store it and keep it any longer than we need to?
Although the muscles in the colon are smooth muscle and they move when stimulated by pressure or distention, when something is inside of it, any muscle gets toned with use and continuous use. The more the muscles in the colon are active, the more toned they become, just like any other muscles. This allows faster movement of waste materials and colonic gasses inside of the colon.

After you do NaeClear, your colon will be free of feces, undigested food and colonic gasses. However, the meal you ate prior to doing NaeClear will eventually pass through the colon 8-12 hours later and your colon will fill up again. So as long as we are eating, we should be excreting. NaeClear promotes healthy bowel function and excretion, not hinder it.
When the colon is cleansed daily with water, you may notice the lining of the colon, the colonic epithelium, being shed and some mucous discharge. This normally comes out with the stool, typically composed of a third of colonic gases, a third of food remnants, and a third of bacteria and this old epithelium.

Red blood cells generate every 120 days (20 trillion of them), so we are making 167 billion new red blood cells per day. Skin generates every 30 days (our outside skin), and the colon regenerates every 3-4 days. The goblet cells in the colon also secrete mucus, which lines and protects the intestine. This is what you are seeing visibly and the colon epithelial cells. Liken it to an inner shower of your colon, where all the dirty waste and bacterial byproducts are usually transiting and sitting.

This is akin to your skin epithelial lining being washed off as it matures and new epithelial cells take its place.
Infection is a risk from any port of entry, be it the mouth, the nose, breaks in the skin and the anus. If you introduce viruses, bacteria or parasites into a port of entry, there is a risk of infection. Reducing bacterial load unevenly can lead to overgrowth of other bacteria which typically happens with antibiotics (which reduce certain types of bacteria, leading to the overgrowth of others and affecting absorption of water, leading to diarrhea etc).

Introducing clean purified water does not disrupt the balance of bacteria but reduces the overall load of bacteria. The bacterial flora will grow back very quickly ... within hours. Colonic irrigation with clean water will reduce the amount of food remnants which the colonic bacteria feast on, thereby reducing the growth of bacteria.

It is the reason why you wash your hands, take a shower and why you brush your teeth (to get rid of the food remnants that the bacteria in your mouth feast on and grow, producing its by products that lead to plaque). 99% of the 1 Trillion bacteria on your body reside in your colon. It makes sense to reduce the food they multiply on and also reduce their number by promoting colonic mobility and blood flow.

Is This Safe?

The case of amebiasis which has been reported in the literature is due to sharing of the same colon cleansing unit (this is different in that you have to go into a colon cleansing clinic, insert a catheter into your rectum and passively introduce liters of water through your colon and have it suck it back out). People do this once a month or once a week.

This incident occurred because someone who had amebiasis (a parasitic infection) used the machine and subsequent people were infected.

It is like using the same straw used by someone who had pneumonia. Of course the chance of infection is greatly increased. Unfortunately, six of the thirty-six people infected had to get their colon removed (a colectomy). It is the reason we stress never to share the same device, even amongst family members. Always wash your hands and be hygienic.
The only liquid that should be used is body temperature (37 °C) water. No coffee, green tea, vinegar or other liquids should be used. Preferably, clean bottled water and preferably not tap water, should be used. The water introduced into the colon via the rectum gets directly absorbed into the blood stream.

The major function of the colon is to absorb the water, salt (NaCl) and some bicarbonate (HCO3). Depending on what liquid is used, it can result in electrolyte disturbances. Purified water will not result in any major disturbances in electrolytes by its very nature. If the water is introduced into the colon but not expelled, the colon will absorb about 250 ml/hour, which is like a cup of water you drink. Since you are only introducing 250 ml to 1L, that is the equivalent of 1 to 4 cups of water if none of the water you introduce is expelled.

The very nature of an enema is to promote colonic distention and colonic activity so that its contents (fecal matter and gases) are expelled from the colon. So it is highly unlikely that the water would be fully retained. Under circumstances where you are stressed or nervous or cold, your colon will slow down and therefore it may be more difficult to expel the contents.

Your colon and kidneys regulate the pH and the electrolyte balances really well unless there is some underlying physiological problem or condition. However, when other forms of methods are used to expel the contents of the colon, such as laxatives, you may experience electrolyte imbalances because it can induce the colonic epithelial cells to secrete its fluid, leading to dehydration and with chronic use, electrolyte imbalances.

Some of the methods hospitals use to medically cleanse the colon with saline and polyethylene glycol (PEG), have shown to be safe but chronic use can lead to problems. That is why we have stressed not to use anything but water (purified spring water) at body temperature. Also of note, water softened tap water has led to electrolyte imbalances.
The chronic use of laxatives and forms of colon "cleanses" can lead to tolerance where they are no longer effective. The initial reason these are used is because one may have a problem with chronic constipation and laxatives are inexpensive. However, unless the underlying cause factors are dealt with, they will continue to have constipation and the use of symptomatic relief of constipation by using laxatives and intermittent enema use will not solve the problem. In fact, they can become worse.

NaeClear may seem similar but it is fundamentally and radically different. NaeClear's purpose is to clean the blood, and one part of this is to remove as much of the fecal matter and colonic gases as possible, since these gases enter the blood. Secondly, NaeClear actively promotes (not passive) colonic activity by introducing warm clean water into the colon. This stimulates expulsion of fecal matter and gases as well as promotes blood flow to the abdomen.

We know that colonic gases do enter the blood stream and is known to be a factor in halitosis and even the methane from colonic gases can be measured in the breath in minute concentrations.

The only muscle you have voluntary control over is your external anal sphincter. That is how you can control when to have a bowel movement or not. Your internal sphincter is involuntary and opens upon pressure. So you are exercising that more when you do NaeClear (holding the water in, letting it out). Exercising the colon is different than exercising your biceps. The fact that you eat three times means you are making your colon active, but its contents and colonic gases slow it down. So by making it transit out, your colon is more active, vibrant and healthy.

NaeClear increases bowel motility whereas chronic constipation does not and results in a "lazy" bowel, full of gas and hard stools. It is like exercising your muscles. We actively force the passive muscles to move by stimulation and by moving, they have more blood flow. Most other forms of colon cleansing do not do this directly but indirectly or chemically.

Of course we also highly recommend exercises that fit the NaeClear model for enhancing blood circulation throughout the body, which reduces constipation and a healthy diet that is high in fiber, liquid, free of chemicals, as well good clean air (in the house, workplace and outside). Some of it is beyond our control but to do as much as we can in our lifestyle.

A Better Lifestyle?

Cleansing your colon every day in the comfort of your own home, privately, and whenever you want is a luxury.

The device has been safely used for over 8 years and is made of high grade medical silicon tubing, the water that is used to cleanse the colon is warmed to core body temperature of 37 to 39 degrees celsius (98 to 102 degrees farenheit) and you can cleanse your colon as often as you like in the comfort of your own home.

Cleansing your colon in a clinic will cost you about $100 per session. So if you cleanse your colon once a day for a month at a clinic, it will cost you $3000. If you cleanse your colon once a day for a year, it will cost you up to $36,500. NaeClear will not only be one of the best investments for you health, but it will also save you a lot of money. NaeClear is your personal health device.
To change your lifestyle, think of all of the new year's resolutions you have made to date. How many have you been able to keep? Doing something every day, even something simple can be quite challenging. To change your lifestyle, means to change a habit. We only have 24 hours a day and so to introduce a new habit, we will likely have to lose a habit. If you do something for a minimum of two minutes a day for 90 days, that something will tend to become a habit. Some habits are essential, like eating, but if you start to skip breakfast many days in a row, you adjust your lifestyle to not eat breakfast.

So make today the start to a better lifestyle by cleansing your colon each day and feeling brighter, cleaner and clearer.

Other Questions

UnderClear, a portable, durable enema kit only cleanses the distal end of your colon and rectum. While NaeClear cleanses your entire colon multiple times with water heated to body temperature. Because your colon is inside your core, your abdomen, it is important that any water you insert be at your core body temperature. This is less important with UnderClear, as you are only cleansing your rectum and sigmoid colon.

Also, UnderClear has a much larger pump, inserting the water at a higher pressure, stimulating your rectum and sigmoid colon more for a quicker elimination of its rectal waste and gas contents. While NaeClear has a much smaller pump that allows you to fill your entire colon with water and eliminate its contents in a more timely manner.

UnderClear typically takes 10-20 minutes to perform while NaeClear takes about 30 minutes and for first timers, double that to perform. UnderClear is akin to an appetizer while NaeClear is like dealing with the full meal.
We highly recommend that if you are going to purchase one device, that you purchase the NaeClear device. Some of our users purchased an UnderClear enema kit by basing their decision on price. After cleansing their rectum/sigmoid colon and realizing its benefits, they then tried to clean their entire colon using the UnderClear enema kit. Realizing the vast difference in a full colon cleanse versus a rectal/sigmoid enema cleanse, they then decided to upgrade and purchase a NaeClear device.

The NaeClear device heats the water to body temperature and you are able to cleanse your colon multiple times, with each cleanse only requiring one insertion of the Nozzle. For daily NaeClear colon cleanses, this provides comfort and convenience.

We would also highly recommend a pure silver nozzle as it is much easier to insert, it is more hygienic as silver has antibacterial properties and it is much easier to clean. Averaged out over a year, the cost of a NaeClear device and silver nozzle will be a mere $5 per day. It will be one of the best investments of your life as good health is priceless.