How to Use UnderClear

UnderClear is a Health Canada approved portable, hygienic, and durable enema kit that cleanses your distal colon in 10 minutes anytime anywhere, relieving any constipation and leaves you feeling refreshed, energetic and clear.

Step 1


Set aside 10-20 minutes. Fill the larger Upper Case with high quality water. The water should be warmed to body temperature (37-38°C). Pull the Pipe Knob and pull out the Sliding Pipe from the Hand Pump until it is fully extended.

Step 2

Fill Up the Hand Pump

Place the tip of the Sliding Pipe (not the Nozzle) into the water in the Upper Case, and squeeze the Hand Pump several times to suck the water in the Upper Case into the Hand Pump through the Sliding Pipe. Continue to squeeze the Hand Pump until the Hand Pump and the Tube are completely filled with water. Make sure the Nozzle is placed over a sink, as water will come out of the Nozzle.

Step 3

Expel Air From the Nozzle

Hold the Hand Pump upside-down (tube facing down) and expel air from the Tube and Nozzle by slightly squeezing the Hand Pump with the Nozzle over the sink. Close the Tube Clamp. The Tube and Nozzle should be filled with water before each use.

Step 4

Insert the Nozzle

Gently insert the Nozzle into the anal canal. Do not force the nozzle in as it may lead to injury. Point the direction of the Nozzle towards your umbilical cord. If it is uncomfortable inserting the Nozzle from the front, then try inserting the Nozzle from behind. Use lubricant (gel) for easier insertion.

Step 5

Open the Tube Clamp

Open the Tube Clamp, and squeeze the Hand Pump gently with both hands to flush water into the rectum and lower colon. Keep the Hand Pump in an upside-down position (the tube pointing downwards) while squeezing. Hold the water in your colon.

Step 6

Empty Your Bowel

After flushing water out of the Hand Pump completely, close the Tube Clamp, and gently pull out the Nozzle from the anal canal. Empty your bowel in the toilet as you normally do. Wash your hands. Repeat one more time. Then pump out the remaining water from the Upper Case and the Hand Pump and Tube. Wash the Nozzle with soap over running warm water. Wash your hands. Rinse out the Upper Case and let the Upper Case and UnderClear device air dry. If travelling, insert the UnderClear device into the Container.

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