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NaeClear is an award winning, Health Canada approved colon cleansing device you can use regularly in the comfort and privacy of your home. Cleanse and flush your entire colon multiple times with warm body temperature water, leaving you feeling refreshed, alert and clear. Cleansing your colon everyday leads to a clear mind and a clear body.

Heat Water to Body Temperature

Cleanse your colon with water at body temperature (37°C), and feel refreshed and amazing.

Health Canada Approved

Class II Medical device approved by Health Canada. High quality medical grade materials.

Everyday Use for Years

People love NaeClear so much that it becomes part of their daily lives, just like a daily shower inside.

Day 1

A Clear Colon

Cleansing your colon for the first time.

Relax and set aside half an hour to feel amazingly refreshed after you cleanse your colon. You won't believe how much waste you carry around and go to sleep with. You'll feel refreshed, your sleep will be better and you'll think clearer.

Find out more tips on How To Use.

Day 7

A Clear Mind

You will notice the difference and be grateful.

You will notice the improvements in your sleep, energy level, abdominal comfort, and clarity of mind. You will look forward to your daily NaeClear colon cleanses. You will feel gratitude to the person who invented NaeClear and forever grateful to the person who referred you to NaeClear.

Day 15

A Clear Investment

Invest in Your Personal Health.

NaeClear pays for itself in 15 days. Everything after that is a clear bonus. Cleansing your colon in a colonic hydrotherapy clinic will cost up to $100 per session. 15 cleanses with NaeClear will have paid for the device itself and it will be one of the best investments for your health. What better than a clear colon, a clear body and a clear mind?

Day 30

Clear Skin

Look and feel clear, refreshed and energized.

Since the top layer of your skin regenerates every 30 days, you will start to notice a change in your complexion and your skin. This will improve as you continue to do NaeClear.

Day 90

A Better Lifestyle

A Healthy Lifestyle Everyday.

By doing NaeClear daily for 90 days, NaeClear is now a part of your lifestyle. A better lifestyle. You will know how life changing NaeClear is.

Day 120

Healthier Blood

A New Generation of Healthy Blood.

Since red blood cells live 120 days, a new generation of red blood cells will now be flowing through your body, not subject to most of the colonic gasses and waste materials from your colon. Your blood will function more effectively and so will your body and your mind.

Day 365. Every Day A Healthier You

You will wonder how you ever lived your life without NaeClear.
You are clear every day for the rest of your life!

Common Questions

Your colon is always full of gas due to the bacteria that thrive on the undigested food materials in your colon. This can be seen on any abdominal x-ray. That is, you can see your colon by the gas that is in your colon. This gas can cause distention of the colon and lead to feeling bloated and gassy. If you also have constipation, you may feel fatigue and a lack of energy and even suffer from headaches. By clearing your colon of these waste materials, feces and colonic gasses, you'll feel less bloated, say bye to constipation and feel more refreshed. Why keep this waste in you any longer than you have to?
An estimated 60% of North Americans are constipated due to the western diet and sitting lifestyle. Discussing the subject matter of excretion may be very personal. Most people do not care to discuss it openly as a result. But it is such an important function of our body.

Excretion is more important than ingestion, digestion or circulation. Imagine if all of the drains of your house no longer functioned or were backed up. Your toilet only flushed once a day, your sink only drained once every few days and your garbage was only collected every month. You'll quickly realize that getting rid of the waste is more important than all of the good air, food, and water coming into the house. Once the waste is efficiently removed, then the good inputs can be enjoyed and circulated.

Can you take care of your teeth without any dental floss, toothpaste and a toothbrush? These are not natural and yet we use these many times each day. We use these instruments to clean our teeth, our mouth. We also use shampoo, soap and water to clean our body.

So why not cleanse our colon with water?

We need NaeClear to cleanse our colon because our lifestyle has made us unnatural. Our bodies are made to be mobile, to eat healthy, natural, organic foods, to breathe in clean air and drink clean water. However, sitting all day, being tied to a schedule, eating quickly have all led to a colon that is not able to excrete its colonic gasses and waste material in an efficient manner.

Babies and animals go whenever they need to. As many times as they eat, they go. Three meals. Three bowel movements. Is your colon normally that active? Our colon is full of gasses and waste. We carry these around with us, like excess baggage. We live with it, we sleep with it. Why store it and keep it any longer than we need to?
Colon cleansing is not a once a year event. It is something you should do daily, even multiple times a day.

Many people cleanse their colon once a year to detox. While that is better than not doing anything at all, it is like taking a shower and cleaning the outside of your body once a year. The reason you feel refreshed when you take a shower or brush your teeth is because you are actually cleansing your blood. Your blood supplies all of the nutrients to all of the cells of your body and of course, also your brain. By keeping your blood clean and clear, you will feel clean and clear.

We eat three times a day because our cells are continually dying and regenerating. Every second, it is estimated that 50 millions cells regenerate. This requires nutrients in the blood and proper blood flow to assist in cell regeneration. However, with eating and digestion also comes the food which we cannot digest, which must be eliminated. While it is in the process of being eliminated, the many bacteria in our colon, estimated to be 1 quadrillion (that is 1 with 15 zeros or 1,000 billion), eat this undigested food and multiply and in the process, product colonic gasses. It is estimated that 5-10 litres of gas is produced by these bacteria. However, only half a litre to 1 litre exit our system by flatus or better known as farts. Where does the rest of the colonic gasses go? It goes into our bloodstream, to our liver and then to the rest of our body to be excreted through our lungs, that is our breath, and from our skin.

Because we eat three times a day, we should clear our colon as often as we eat. The same principle for which we brush our teeth. To get rid of food remnants so that the bacteria cannot grow from it and reduce the number of bacteria in our mouths. This is hygiene. And Naeclear is a revolution in hygiene by helping us clean and clear the inside of our colon. We've revolutionized health through clean water and cleaning our mouth, our teeth and our bodies but we haven't yet moved to cleaning the inside of our bodies, where over 90% of the bacteria live, that is, our colon.
Although the muscles in the colon are smooth muscle and they move when stimulated by pressure or distention, when something is inside of it, any muscle gets toned with use and continuous use. The more the muscles in the colon are active, the more toned they become, just like any other muscles. This allows faster movement of waste materials and colonic gasses inside of the colon.

After you do NaeClear, your colon will be free of feces, undigested food and colonic gasses. However, the meal you ate prior to doing NaeClear will eventually pass through the colon 8-12 hours later and your colon will fill up again. So as long as we are eating, we should be excreting. NaeClear promotes healthy bowel function and excretion, not hinder it.
Cleansing your colon every day in the comfort of your own home, privately, and whenever you want is a luxury.

The device has been safely used for over 8 years and is made of high grade medical silicon tubing, the water that is used to cleanse the colon is warmed to core body temperature of 37 to 39 degrees celsius (98 to 102 degrees farenheit) and you can cleanse your colon as often as you like in the comfort of your own home.

Cleansing your colon in a clinic will cost you about $100 per session. So if you cleanse your colon once a day for a month at a clinic, it will cost you $3000. If you cleanse your colon once a day for a year, it will cost you up to $36,500. NaeClear will not only be one of the best investments for you health, but it will also save you a lot of money. NaeClear is your personal health device.
To change your lifestyle, think of all of the new year's resolutions you have made to date. How many have you been able to keep? Doing something every day, even something simple can be quite challenging. To change your lifestyle, means to change a habit. We only have 24 hours a day and so to introduce a new habit, we will likely have to lose a habit. If you do something for a minimum of two minutes a day for 90 days, that something will tend to become a habit. Some habits are essential, like eating, but if you start to skip breakfast many days in a row, you adjust your lifestyle to not eat breakfast.

So make today the start to a better lifestyle by cleansing your colon each day and feeling brighter, cleaner and clearer.

Start Living a Better Lifestyle Today!

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