We think about health each and every day.

The NaeClear Story

We can all live a better lifestyle. Because within us is nae, the essence of me.
Be clear and live a better lifestyle.

NaeClear equips you with the framework to understand the flow of health.
From what flows into your body, around it and the outflow of waste,
because all things in life flow.
We just happen to have some devices that will help you flow better and clearer.

We need to keep our body, which is our house,
in order from the outside and more importantly, the inside.

The NaeClear lifestyle is centred around the flow of life, from what flows into our body, our blood flow, and our outflow. NaeClear devices are designed to help with outflow, as our lifestyle has adopted the habits of the western sedentary lifestyle of sitting and eating processed foods.

NaeClear tenets are that inside this body, there is 'I'. I am in my body. This 'I' is me. The body ages but 'I' do not. We are eternally young in heart and mind. To preserve this youthful 'I', we also need to take care of the body that houses me.

We look forward to educating you about
a healthier and better lifestyle.

It took many centuries to educate people about the microbial world, hygiene, clean water and sewage. NaeClear aims to educate people further about how to be clear, from the inside out.

With NaeClear centers in Germany, Korea, Malaysia and the United States, Vancouver, Canada is the latest NaeClear Health Centre to open its doors to all those who want to live a better lifestyle.

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