Why NaeClear?

NaeClear's goal is to help your body and mind flow better. From what flows into your body, around it and the outflow of waste, because all things in life flow.
We just happen to have some devices that will help you flow better and clearer.

NaeClear will cleanse your entire colon with ~ 1 L of warm, body temperature water multiple times. UnderClear will cleanse your rectum and sigmoid colon with ~ 180 mL of water each time.


Root of Disease

Nature’s remedies for our body and mind is simple– good, clean and vital air, water, food, temperature regulation, exercise, sufficient rest, and being surrounded by good people. Our bodies also strive for homeostasis as well as growth. This is all regulated through the blood.

Disease is the struggle of nature to compensate for the ill effects of our lifestyle and environment and the symptoms that arise should be heeded to and not simply treated with drugs, unless required.

Nature provides that we expel this waste through our colon

Why Retain Waste?

One important matter that relates to our health is in the retention of waste in our bodies. This waste is opposed to our well-being and its presence affects our bodily function. Every moment, waste is being formed by the destruction of cells, organs and metabolic processes and these waste products must be promptly removed in order for our bodies to function well and remain healthy.

Nature provides that we expel this waste through the principal avenues of our lungs, skin, kidneys and colon. The colon is important since by it, the waste products of digestion are expelled. If the colon fails to do its job, some of its waste is reabsorbed into the blood circulation. Then the burden falls to the other workers, the liver, kidneys, skin and lungs to compensate in eliminating this waste that has overflowed back into the body. Thus, the importance of eliminating waste becomes very apparent.

Effects of Backed Up Waste

Your abdomen is packed with vital organs, vessels, and nerves and yet each has enough space to perform their functions. However, if the colon, which envelops the abdomen, were to distend in size, this would create a disturbance due to the limited space in the confined abdominal cavity.

All of the nutrients from the food and water we ingest are absorbed by the small intestine and the remaining waste then passes through the colon. This waste should be properly expelled from our bodies. If expulsion is delayed, then what happens? This waste then becomes food for the plethora of bacteria. More than 90% of the bacteria in our body reside in our colon, and they feast on this waste to produce copious amounts of gasses, up to as much as 10 litres per day. This causes distention of the colon and produces mechanical pressure on surrounding organs as well as blood vessels, impeding blood flow to these cells as well as blood flow from the lower extremities back to the heart. This impacts not only the abdomen, but can start to affect the head.

More than 90% of the bacteria in our bodies reside in our colon.

The Colon Affects the Blood

The longer our undigested food, our waste, remains in our colon, the more fermentation occurs by the bacteria in our colon, resulting in more gasses being produced in our colon. Since these gasses cannot escape, they are absorbed into our blood stream and travel to the rest of our body, including our brain. The blood that nourishes each cell is polluted by the gasses from our refuse. What good can there come of with waste that remains in our system and is propagated throughout our every system and cell?

Imagine if the drains in your toilet and sink were backed up that they overflowed into the floors and rooms of the rest of your house. Imagine if it then proceeded to fill the air and your bedrooms where you slept. Imagine the garbage remaining in your house for months rather than days or weeks. How would you and your family function? The waste must leave. No amount of deodorizing or disinfecting will solve the problem. So our colons, full of gas and waste, affect our minds, our thoughts, our energy, our sleep and our functions. Our other systems, in order to try and deal with this will try to expel these gasses through our lungs and skin. There you have the issue of bodily odour.

Does it make any sense for us to carry this waste around in our colon, even one second longer than it should naturally be disposed of? Would it not be detrimental to our health and well-being to carry this waste, absorbing it and dispersing it to the rest of our system?

First Steps for Health

The first step in the preservation of health of any system is dealing with waste. Whether it is a city, a house or your own body, if you cannot deal with waste, the system will stagnate and succumb to disease and death of that system. While we are blessed with air, water and food, we often forget that there must be a flow to life and this requires not only inflow but also blood flow and eventual outflow. Without a proper and efficient outflow, the system will break down slowly but surely.

For us, the first and foremost step is to cleanse the colon regularly. The colon is the main drain of the human body, and it is of vital importance to keep the main outlet free from obstruction. Even if you put good clean air, water and food into your system, if the main drain is clogged, the accumulation of waste will cause disturbance to the system and eventually affect the functioning of nearby and progressively distant organs. Unclog the drain and allow outflow and balance can be restored.

The first step for health is dealing with waste

To cleanse the colon on a regular basis is the most advanced hygiene.

The Heart of Health is Hygiene

The heart of health is hygiene. That is the reason we wash our hands, our bodies and brush our teeth, and wherever there may be bacteria, frequent washing will reduce the by-products of bacteria living in our bodily systems. Without hygiene, these bacteria and their by-products will enter our blood and travel to all of our systems, producing illness and disease.

By keeping our bodies clean, we prevent further contamination of the blood, which is our fountain of life. To cleanse the colon on a regular basis is the most advanced hygiene. It far surpasses washing of hands, brushing of teeth, and daily showers. For where does most of the host of bacteria live in our bodies? They reside and multiply in vast numbers in our colon.

To cleanse our colon daily on a regular basis will result in a restoration of the balance of our system by proper outflow and preventative measures that allow our blood, immune system and body to function more efficiently.

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